Tien onder een kap

Oirschot, NL

Competition Finalist


10 starter homes are housed within a single simple volume on the location of a former school campus. A compact pocket has been carved out of the existing green structure maintaining all existing trees and pedestrian paths.


The surrounding communities each have unique typologies. The project site was and still is defined by large freestanding objects in an open field.

A compact pocket is carved out of the site maintaining all existing trees and pedestrian routes.

Six two-story units are located on the ground floor and 4 studio apartments fitted in the roof above.

A central circulation corridor provides access to all units.

The ground floor units are oriented towards surrounding green space while the studios onto spacious balconies.


The house is wrapped in a wood-slat skin, providing privacy and light attenuation where necessary.

ground floor

first floor

second floor

The studio is comprised of one large open floor.

Services are located to one side.

The studio opens onto a spacious balcony.

Skylights are fitted with wood slats.

The groundfloor dwelling consists of 2 stories with a void in front of the window allowing maximum light in.

Service spaces are located at the back, resulting in a very wide and shallow unit.

The entire front facade is a window facing onto surrounding green spaces.

The top half of the facade is fitted with wooden slats for privacy.