Deventer, NL

Competition Finalist


The former harbour of Deventer is undergoing a transformation into a live / work and creative production area. The addition of program on the first inlet is seen as an opportunity to give form and direction to this transition.


Siloplein proposes to organize the new program in a flexible and adaptable design around a central square that is able to respond to the changing economic, social and spatial contexts of this developing district.


Siloplein offers a new type of civic space to the harbour district and city of Deventer. It is a space given to the pioneers and initiators of the city to make of it what they will.


disconnected urban structures

over-sized / under-used spaces

incomplete bike / pedestrian network


2 clearly defined squares

network of public paths and spaces

reconnected quay

parking and

public plinth




apartments and

public plinth

lofts and

public plinth

live / work units and public plinth



Public and private program is located on three sides of the square, activating and extending it. Three different dwelling typologies are added above this plinth in the form of apartments, lofts and live / work units.

Pubic Routes


The existing bridge network is renovated and expanded to connect the waters edge, the lookout tower and the parking. It serves as public access, viewing platforms and balconies.



In order to avoid surface parking, costly underground solutions or parking towers, an efficient one-way “parking route” has been threaded through the new and existing structures.



Siloplein is designed to support many unique occupations, the following are a few examples:



Bach on a Boat - Program on the water


The relation of the square to the water provides views of the harbour and the potential to incorporate activities that take place on the water itself, in this case a floating bandstand.



Flat Museum - Controllable space


By limiting access to the square the possibility is opened up to hold events that would be otherwise impossible in more normative public spaces, in this case an exhibition.



Drive / Walk-in Cinema - Parking at its best


The outdoor cinema is a popular means for activating public space. In this case the cinema can be enjoyed from both a seat on the square and from the comfort of the car.




Kinder Werkplaats - A place for creative youth


An enclosed refuge for the creative youth of Deventer; a free state where children have access to workshops, technical assistance and are free to build their own world.



Harbour Beach - A specialized terrain


The relation of program spaces to the square allows for its conversion into a highly specialized terrain. In this case a sport and relaxation beach.



Christmas Tree Garden - Pop-up park


A low cost strategy to create a temporary park in the harbour district, complete with bridges and look-out tower.