Montpellier, FR

with Atelier Kit, photos by Pierre Berthelomeau


Reframe is the winning entry from Paul Scales for the 7th  ‘Festival of Living Architecture’ in Montpellier, France. The festival is comprised of an architectural walking tour through the historic city center where heritage sites are opened up to modern architecture. The year's theme was ‘surprise’.


Reframe explores the theme of surprise through the creation of an object that reframes the relation of the visitor to the space, the historic architecture and the other visitors.


What first appears to be a simple modern cube is gradually discovered to be a more complex structure, through which architectural details, elements and facades are continuously revealed, reframed and reflected.


Visitors experience a shift from the position of observer to observed, from control to controlled and willingly or not, become engaged in a game of surprise and be surprised.

Paul Scales constructed Reframe in their Rotterdam workshop and transported it to South France with help from Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur. Together with Atelier Kit they rebuilt it in Montpellier for the festival. Reframe is stored at the Paul Scales Studio and is available for rent or sale. For more information contact Paul Scales.