Utrecht, NL

with Ljubo Georgiev


Kanaleneiland is a master plan and strategy to introduce physical, social and economic change in a so-called ‘problem neighbourhood’, through incremental improvements to the public space, infrastructure and built form.


Monofunctional green spaces, fields of parking and dwellings with little or no connection to the public realm have been reorganized and renovated.


Social, educational and economic functions are introduced at a very local scale in a series of steps in order to improve social cohesion and the value of the neighbourhood.


Wooden decks

provide access and connection between blocks. openings in the deck allow light and air into the parking below

Existing buildings

renovated to allow live / work units and social functions at ground level

Park and green spaces

form connective public structure of program and recreation


roads and parking reorganized in favour of the pedestrian



In a series of strategic phases the blocks are transformed from subsidised housing to a mixture of rental and private homes, generating the revenue necessary for the complete transformation of the infrastructure and public spaces.






Public decks






Programmed public spaces