Endless Platform

New York, USA

Competiton Finalist

with Jessie Andjellic and Phil Vandermey


The open lots under the Highline are remarkably under-utilized. Endless Platform highlights the latent potential of these spaces by creating an approachable place that invites occupation.


Through the addition of a white floor, two walls and by lighting the underside of the bridge, an interior-like gallery space is created where the Highline itself is on exhibition.

Endless Highline


Parallel mirrors create an experiential representation of the continuous and connective potential of the Highline; the space is extended into infinity.

Forum for ideas


A grid of soapboxes provides an infrastructure to facilitate discussion. These small plinths are to be occupied by community members to share their vision for the space under the Highline though the format of their choice – image, spoken word, video, etc.