Bos en Stadswoning

Utrecht, NL


Bos en Stadswoning (Forest and Townhouse) is a design for six residential blocks on the periphery of Utrecht where private individuals and groups have the opportunity to build a home on the plot of their choice.


The shared courtyards of each block have unique designs and amenities providing potential residents the opportunity to choose a plot for their home based on the particular qualities of the collective space that best fit their tastes and lifestyles. In this example, the opportunity to live on a forest in this city is developed further.


new and existing trees

Collective program

small scale relaxation, sport and play elements

Collective space

path system connects gardens with parking and park


individuals and groups choose their plot


compact parking below private decks

Two unique dwellings for two unique residential groups are combined on one plot. A family home is directly connected to the forest via an elevated terrace, while a split level loft with views to the city and landscape is connected via a spiral stair to an office space on the street.

level 0

level +1

level +2

level +3

level +4



Loft Interior



Courtyard facade



Street facade